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Heat Exchangers

HEXCES designs, develops, and manufactures thermal management systems to meet customer needs and specifications.  Specifically, we focus on compact platelet heat exchangers, or CPHXs.  These devices are used to transfer energy in the form of heat from one fluid stream to another without any mixing of the fluids.  The name CPHX comes from its two distinct identifiers from other heat exchange devices.  That is, diffusion bonded heat exchangers are typically 1/4 to 1/6 the size of traditional shell and tube exchangers for the same application.  This is accomplished through the use of platelet technology that allows for small fluid passages that provide maximum heat transfer surface area in an extremely compact space; increasing exchanger effectiveness while minimizing its weight and footprint.  This technology can be applied to almost any heat exchange process but excels in applications with extreme operating conditions, i.e., any process with very high operating pressures, extreme temperatures (hot or cold), and significant space (footprint) and/or weight constraints.

 All of HEXCES CPHXs are designed and built to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1.

Heat Exchanger Installed for Testing in the Hexces Test Facility

Filters & Strainers

HEXCES CPHXs inherently have small cross section channels.  Proper filtration and system cleanliness is required in order to ensure performance of the exchanger; otherwise fibers or particulate matter could plug the fluid passages. To support our customer needs, HEXCES offers a line of filters and strainers, suitable for every CPHX application. 

Exchangers perform best when incorporated into a system where appropriate measures of filtration have been designed for the specific application, e.g. heat transfer fluids, flow rates, pressure losses, etc.  HEXCES will work with each customer to determine the proper filtration devices and/or procedures required for each application.

By employing upstream filtration and a regular filter service regimen, CPHX service requirements are significantly reduced.  Filters/strainers can be installed in a duplex configuration to permit servicing with no loss of production.  If requested by the customer, exchangers can be designed with additional access ports to allow for deep cleaning.


HEXCES offers a variety of services to assure quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

  • Applications Engineering
  • Field Services
    • Installation and Commissioning Support
    • Product Inspection and Maintenance
    • Decommissioning Support
  • New Product Development
  • Performance Testing
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Systems Design Engineering

CPHX Product Inspection and Maintenance

The 40-Acre Site Provides Ample Space for Both Future R&D Programs and Continuous Full-Scale Commercial Operations

HEXCES Test Facility

The HEXCES test facility, wholly owned and operated by parent company Clean Energy Systems, is the world’s largest pressurized oxy-fuel combustion test facility.  The site is laid out for R&D, sub-scale, and commercial-scale operations. Major features include:

  • Dedicated Heat Exchanger Test Bed
  • CES 20 MWt Oxy-Fuel Gas Generator
  • SAGD Gas Generator and Steam Separator (G2S2)
  • CES 200 MWt Oxy-Fuel Gas Generator
  • CES 30 MWe OFT-J79 Expander Turbine
  • CES 150 MWe OFT-900 Expander Turbine
  • Full-Scale Steam Reheater Test Bed
  • 100% Carbon-Capture-Ready, 5 MWe Steam Turbine Cycle; Suitable for Continuous Operations, Producing 1,500 Mscfd CO2



Formed Liner CPHX

  • Heat Flux - 13 kW/cm2
  • Working Temperature – 1500 ˚C
  • Working Pressure – 110 bar
  • Core Dimensions – 10cm ID x 12cm OD x 54cm
  • Core Material – Inconel 600 / Hastelloy C22 Hot Gas Wall
  • Manifold Material – 316L SS

Superheater CPHX

  • Heat Rate – 0.5 MW
  • Working Temperature – 650˚C
  • Working Pressure – 100 bar
  • Core Dimensions – 29cm x 30cm x 15cm
  • Core Material – Inconel 600
  • Manifold Material – Inconel 600

Saturation CPHX

  • Heat Rate – 0.9 MW
  • Working Temperature – 560 ˚C
  • Working Pressure – 100 bar
  • Core Dimensions –  81cm x 30cm x 15cm 
  • Core Material – 316L SS
  • Manifold Material – Inconel 600

Preheater CPHX

  • Heat Rate – 1.4 MW
  • Working Temperature – 300 ˚C
  • Working Pressure – 110 bar
  • Core Dimensions –  57cm x 30cm x 12cm
  • Core Material – 316L SS
  • Manifold Material – Inconel 600